Graduate School


In 2007, the Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences was established to offer training and guidance to PhD candidates. The Graduate School accommodates internal PhD candidates who are employed by the faculty, but also offers its services to several external PhD candidates who are employed elsewhere.

The main goal of the Graduate School (GS) of Arts and Social Sciences is to contribute to training young talented people in order to become independent researchers and teachers. We offer close and individual supervision and a range of generic and specific courses that are complemented by the curricula of national and international research schools. Obtaining a PhD at FASoS not only prepares one for an academic career, but it also paves the way to other high-end positions. GS alumni include not only successful academics, but also policy advisors, decision makers and consultants in areas as diverse as urban planning, art conservation and sustainable energy.

6 PhD candidates successfully defended their PhD projects in 2017. On October 1, 2017, 27 PhD candidate-employees were enrolled in the GS.

Next to the GS director and the GS co-ordinator, the GS has an advisory board which provides the Director of the GS with support and advice concerning the training and supervision of PhD candidates and on the monitoring of progress of the PhD candidates. Members of the GS advisory board in 2017 were Prof. Cyrus Mody, Ben de Bruyn, Karlijn HaagsmanAneta Spendzharova and Marith Dieker (PhD representative).

In addition, there is a PhD training committee which evaluates and provides advice on the curriculum of the PhD training programme, and an admissions committee which advises on the admission of PhDs to the Graduate School.

You can access the website of the Graduate School here