Funding in 2017


Total external funding in 2017: € 1,898,285,26

Second Money Stream (National Funding Agencies): € 783,780,90

Third Money Stream (National government, International government, National non-profit, International non-profit, businesses and other): € 1,023,662,06

EU funding within Third Money Stream: € 90,842,30





In 2017 funding was secured among others within the following programmes:

Province of Limburg; NWO Smart Cultures; NWO Aspasia; NWO PhD in the Humanities; Erasmus + Programme; Municipality of Maastricht; CLARIAH; European Commission Action Grant; ‘Stichting Tout Maastricht’; European Commission Europe for Citizens Grant; ‘Molenstichting Limburg’; NWO KIEM; European Commision and United Nations Development Programme; Stichting Edmond Hustinx; ‘Stichting Kasteel Ooijen’; The Limburg University Fund/SWOL.

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Overviews of grants obtained per research programme can be found via the links below: