Maastricht Centre for Arts and Culture, Conservation and Heritage


Centre profile

The Maastricht Centre for Arts and Culture, Conservation and Heritage (MACCH) was set up in 2015 as a transdisciplinary platform in response to the increasingly multi-layered challenges facing the fields of arts and heritage today. To meet these challenges MACCH initiates collaborative research projects bringing together a unique combination of legal, historical, philosophical, economic and practical expertise.

MACCH is an initiative of FASoS in collaboration with the UM Faculty of Law (FL), the School of Business and Economics (SBE), the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences (FHS) as well as the Sociaal Historisch Centrum voor Limburg (SHCL) and the Stichting Restauratie Atelier Limburg (SRAL). Research topics include: re-use of industrial heritage; conservation of modern and contemporary art; the changing role of experts and expert knowledge; public participation in (digital) heritage practices; contested heritage and restitution policies; memorial practices; trust and transparency in art markets. By working across the traditional boundaries separating academic and professional practice and institutions, MACCH aims to enforce existing collaborations and foster new research ventures.

You can access the website of the Centre here.