Funding 2017
Funding InstitutionTitle project/activity (if applicable)
Research programmePrincipal applicant(s) from FASoSMoney stream*Incoming funds in Euro(s)
NWO AspasiaSending European citizens to the battlefield: Who decides on EU security and Defence operations?PCEGiselle Bosse2nd MS€200,000
Municipality of Maastricht-PCEJoop de Jong3rd MS€191,747
Erasmus + Jean Monnet NetworkNetwork on Research and Teaching in EU Affairs (NORTIA)PCEGergana Noutcheva and Heidi Maurer3rd EU€70,686,33
CLARIAHTowards a Transnational Biographical Infrastructure, the Low Countries, 1840-1940PCENico Randeraad3rd MS€60,000
'Stichting Tout Maastricht'-PCEJoop de Jong3rd MS€16,778
European Commission Europe for Citizen grantE-WORDSPCEAline Sierp3rd MS€12,000
'Molenstichting Limburg'-PCEJoop de Jong3rd MS€9,983
'Stichting Kasteel Ooijen'-PCEJoop de Jong3rd MS€2892,56
Erasmus + Jean Monnet Network-PCEChristine Neuhold
3rd EU€2,386,8
The Limburg University Fund/SWOLPolicy Evaluation in the European UnionPCEPaul Stephenson3rd MS€2,000
The Limburg University Fund/SWOLConference on EU Energy policy 'Diffuse Authority and Contestation in the EU Energy TransitionPCEAnna Herranz-Surralles3rd MS€2,000
The Limburg University Fund/SWOLWorkshop on 'The Parliamentary Scrutiny of Brexit: Perspectives from Europe and the UK', leading to the publication of an edited volume with Palgrave MacMillanPCEThomas Christiansen3rd MS€1,500