An overview of previous and upcoming events can be found here.

  1. 3WE Researcher and Project Manager, Dr. Bilisuma Dito, interviewed Mrs. Kidist Chala, the Chief technical Officer of the Inclusive Development Project in ILO Ethiopia (September 10, 2019).

The Inclusive Development Project is ILO’s program with a focus on promoting decent work in the garment and textile industries and inclusive industrialization in Ethiopia.  

  1. Workshop with Dr. Lovise Allen (Director of Chr. Michelsen Institute, Norway) and Dr. Ayelech Tiruwa (then Phd Scholar at Roskilde University, Denmark)  March 13, 2019.

Dr. Lovise has led several long term projects on  federalism, elections and developmental state policies in Ethiopia. Dr. Ayelech Tiruwa has extensive fieldwork research experience on workers in Foreign flower farms and the investment and learning amongst local flower farms in Ethiopia. Both scholars discussed the suggestions, concerns and questions they have about the project’s research design; how Ethiopia’s rapidly changing political and economic landscape affect the project and the lessons from their own research on related issues in Ethiopia.


  1. 3WE Researcher and project Manager, Dr. Bilisuma Dito, participated in the ‘only way is up’ conference from Nov 5-6, 2020 in Rotterdam.

The conference is a two day conference hosted by seven organizations that focus on issues of sustainability in global agri-food supply chains ( HIVOS, our consortium members, is one of the organizers. Bilisuma participated in various panels, distributed the project brochure, and discussed the project with various stakeholders such as a lawyer from the National Federation of Workers Union in Ethiopia,  and a representative from ILO,  the Dutch ministry of Foreign affairs and local advocacy groups from countries like Uganda and Kenya.


  1. Workshop with Mr. Steijn Van Geel from Solidaridad (Jan 8, 2020)

Steijn van Geel is  a Corporate Partnerships Manager for the global textiles program at Solidaridad. He is responsible for engaging with fashion brands in Europe and translate these partnerships to meaningful projects that address the various economic, labor and environmental challenges that people working in these sector face; especially in Asia.  He set up Solidaridad’s Ethiopian office and established the scoping, design and implementation of concrete project initiatives in various sectors to improve environmental and labor conditions in the country. He developed a sustainable cotton, garments and textile initiative in Ethiopia in collaboration with various actors, including the Ethiopian government. Steijn shared what Solidaridad is doing to address the social and ecological issues workers in farms and factories face; and the way the organization measures progress and impacts and the key lessons learned for future projects. Steijn also reflected on the 3WE project objectives and the overall research design.


  1. 3WE Co-PI, Prof. Kai Jonas, co-organized a workshop on Impactful Research through Intervention Mapping at the Faculty of Psychology, Maastricht University (January 15, 2020).

The aim of the workshop was how to make sure a research has the desired impact on society using intervention Mapping (IM) protocol as one possible alternative. The workshop participants came from different Faculties in the University and many of the 3WE researchers participated in this workshop.


  1. Workshop with Consortium Members (Jan 29, 2020)

The project team discussed the qualitative fieldwork guide, the sampling approaches and the survey questionnaire with Dr. Jeske van Seters from ECDPM, and Mrs. Caroline Wildeman, Women@Work Campaign, HIVOS. The team also discussed the program for the kick-off conference.


  1. Workshop with Dr. Nina Hansen and Dr. Agnes Meershoek (March 5, 2020)

Dr. Nina is an Associate Professor of Social Psychology at the Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences, Groningen University with an extensive experience in conducting fieldwork and research in Ethiopia to understand Women’s empowerment issues from a Social Psychology perspective. Dr. Agnes is an associate professor of Health, Ethics and Society at the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Medical Sciences, Maastricht University. She currently leads a research program on Health, Citizenship and Professionalism in health care and work. Both scholars commented on our research design and provided insights on how to deal with field work challenges and provided their feedback on the research design of the project from a social psychology and anthropological health research.