Article on Dutch bicycle historiography accepted

The historiographical article in which this online Cycling History Bibliography is announced has been accepted for the Low Countries Historical Review / Bijdragen en Mededelingen betreffende de Geschiedenis der Nederlanden (BMGN). It will be published in October 2009, in BMGN 124-3.

The article, written by Manuel Stoffers and Harry Oosterhuis, is titled: ‘ “Ons populairste vervoermiddel”. De Nederlandse fietshistoriografie in internationaal perspectief’ (‘Our Most Popular Means of Transportation’. Dutch Bicycle Historiography from an International Perspective). It will be the first full article on cycling history in one of the two most prestigious general academic history journals in the Netherlands, the Tijdschrift voor Geschiedenis and the Bijdragen en Mededelingen voor de geschiedenis der Nederlanden.  

The Netherlands has a long-standing and well-deserved reputation as a bicycling nation. Sofar, however, cycling history has received little attention by Dutch academic historians. In contrast, in the article we observe a growing number of international academic publications on cycling history which can serve as a source of inspiration for future research on the history of the bicycle in Dutch society.