Transfers: a new academic journal of mobility studies

This summer Berghahn has published the first issue of Transfers. Interdisciplinary Journal of Mobility Studies. In his inspiring and ambitious editorial introduction Gijs Mom (TU Eindhoven) promises prospective readers of the new journal ‘thought-provoking stuff’, cover Transfersthat will transcend disciplines, national (especially western) perspectives and the fixation with transport modes that is typical for many transport historians. ‘Transfers encourages scholarship that attends not only to people’s construction of the technologies and regimes of mobility, but also to the ways in which those technologies and regimes construct and position us as subjects’, Mom writes. The new academic journal wants to combine ‘the empiricism of history’ with new methodological approaches from the humanities and social sciences. Cycling receives attention in this first issue as well: ‘as an antidote against the preponderance of the automobile, we invited a geographer (Jennifer Bonham) and an historian (Manuel Stoffers) to formulate their contrasting views on the recent bicycle boom, both on the street and, especially, in scholarly and activist publications’. Intrigued? The first issue of Transfers is available online as a free sample issue.