International conference on the history of transport, traffic and mobility

Last week, October 6-9, the Berlin Technik Museum harboured the 9th T2Mt2m international conference on the history of transport, traffic and mobility. This year’s special theme was Transport and mobility on display, inviting many papers on the way transport history is presented in museums across the world. Unlike the previous two T2M conferences, the Berlin conference did not have a special session on cycling. Still, there were a few presentations that touched upon cycling, e.g. by Hans Buiter on the Dutch cyclists’ and tourists’ association ANWB, by Roland Canu and Franck Cochoy on analysing urban photo archives, and by Charissa Terranova on a possible  ‘Museum of Subversive Mobilities’. Furthermore, Manuel Stoffers presented a full paper on ‘Cycling as heritage: representing the history of cycling in the Netherlands’, showing among other things how bicycle history is presented in major technology and transport museums. Plans exist to devote again a complete session to cycling at next year’s T2M conference in Madrid, that will focus on ‘intermodality’ and is planned to be held 15-18 November 2012.