The Bibliography

The Cycling History Bibliography contains more than 1700 titles – of books, articles and unpublished theses – on the cycling history of many countries, including the Netherlands, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, the US and Canada.

The online bibliography was initially uploaded from an EndNote-file by the webmaster. Some of the titles in the EndNote-file were added individually – which usually warrants the best quality. Many other titles have been generated and processed ”(semi-)automatically”, with some negative consequences concerning reliability and accuracy. For instance, we have uploaded titles from the Dutch union catalogue that we selected by using key words. The transfer of titles from the library catalogue has unfortunately faulted the display of certain letters (esp. with diacritics) and renders the titles of journal articles incomplete. These inaccuracies will be resolved only gradually, title by title.

The contents of the International Cycle History Conferences (1990/1-2008/19) have been added through the list found on the website of the ICHC. The contents of the journals De oude fiets (1991/1-2009/1) and Der Knochenschüttler (1995/1-2008/42) could be added thanks to the bibliographic information cordially provided by Theo de Kogel and Michael Mertins.

You can visit and search the Cycling History Bibliography. Corrections and additions are more than wellcome. One of our main next projects will be to add (English) keywords to all titles individually.