In our video series Mosa Historia Live, historians working at FASoS present their ongoing research projects and latest publications. Explore the entire series on YouTube or select individual episodes below.

⬇️ Episode 1: Pablo del Hierro on his monograph Madrid, metrópolis (neo)fascista

For other videos (co-)created by members of the Maastricht History Department, see the links below.

⬇️ Talking about Nouvel Atlas des Enfans (1793), with Monika Barget (2023)

For the Maastricht University Library series “Talking about Books”, Monika Barget, Assistant Professor of History, selected the early modern educational atlas Nouvel Atlas des Enfans. In her exploration of the 1793 edition of the book, Monika reveals the rich tapestry of historical insights that this book offers. Nouvel Atlas des Enfans forms part of the University Library’s Special Collections.

⬇️ Managing water scarcity on the Canary Islands (2023)

Explore the long history of water scarcity in the Canary Islands in a concise educational video scripted by Dr. Laura Dierksmeier (Tübingen) and Dr. Miguel Gómez Gómez (Tenerife). The video, edited by Monika Barget (FASoS) for the DFG Island Studies Network, features both English and Spanish versions with voice-overs by Laura and Miguel, respectively.