Project Outputs

Below is a list of project-related publications. Links to freely available resources are included in the list. Please contact individual project members for requesting a copy in cases when material is not openly available.

Scientific Publications

  • Saïdi, T. & Sigauke, E. (2014). Nano Visions and Challenges: The Case of Sub-Saharan Africa. In: Islam, N. (Ed.). Nanotechnology. Recent Trends, Emerging Issues and Future Directions. Nova Science Publishers, pp. 157-174. [link]
  • Beumer, Koen & Sujit Bhattacharya (2013). “Emerging Technologies in India: Developments, Debates and Silences about Nanotechnology.” Science & Public Policy, 40(5): 628-643. [pdf]
  • Beumer, Koen (2012). “A Matter of Scale: The Visual Representation of Nanotechnologies.” Spontaneous Generations. Journal for the History and Philosophy of Science, 6(1): 65-74. [pdf]
  • Jayanthi, A.P., Koen Beumer & Sujit Bhattacharya. “Nanotechnology: Risk Governance in India.” Economic and Political Weekly, 47(4): 34-40. [link]
  • Sekhsaria, Pankaj (2013). “The Making of an Indigenous Scanning Tunneling Microscope.” Current Science, 104(9): 1152-1155. [pdf]


  • “Innovation: Brokering Nanotechnology, Creating Capacity.” Organized on March 27-28, 2014 at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER)-Pune, Pune, India.
  • “Developing Nanotechnology for an Emering India: Risks, Benefits, Governance.” Workshop organized on November 22-24 at Hotel Golkonda, Hyderabad, India. [link]

Policy briefs

  • Beumer, K. & Bhattacharya, S. (2014). Nanotechnologies in India. Nano-dev Policy Brief (3), pp. 1-6. [pdf]
  • Beumer, K. (2012). Nanotechnologies for development. Towards a framework for democratic governance of risks and benefits in the global South. Nano-dev Policy Brief (1), pp. 1-3. [pdf]

Professional publications

  • Beumer, K. (2014). Maathouden: De Politiek van Standaarden. Krisis. Journal for Contemporary Philosophy, 31(1). [pdf]
  • Beumer, K. (2014). How Old is Nanotechnology? Shells and Pebbles. [link]
  • Beumer, K. (2013). Voor Echte Innovatie moet je in Ontwikkelingslanden zijn. [link]
  • Beumer, K. (2013). Nanotechnologie in Zimbabwe. De Groene Amsterdammer, 137(34). [link]
  • Beumer, K. (2012). Nanotechnologie is Niet het Antwoord in de Strijd tegen Armoede. [link]
  • Sekhsaria, P. (2012) Jugaad as a Materials and Conceptual Commons. Common Voices. [pdf]
  • Beumer, K. (2011). (Nano)technology Imitating Nature. Next Nature. [link].
  • Bijker, W.E. (2011). Can Nanotechnology benefit Africa’s Development? Science Africa. Vol. 18(October 20 – December 20), pp. 1-2. [pdf]
  • Bijker, W.E. (2011). The Public and Issues of Science. The Hindu (February 10). [link]
  • Beumer, K. (2010). Zien is Geloven – Afbeeldingen op de Nanoschaal. [link].

Related Reports

  • Health Council of the Netherlands (2012). Working with Engineered Nanoparticles: Exposure Registry and a System of Health Monitoring. Draft [pdf]
  • Health Council of the Netherlands (2006). Health Significance of Nanotechnologies. The Hague: Health Council of the Netherlands; Publication No. 2006/06E. [pdf]

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