Principal Investigator

Thomas Conzelmann is Professor of International Relations at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Maastricht University, and the principal investigator in this project.

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Dr. Valentina Carraro worked on the case study on peer and expert reviews in the area of human rights. She defended her PhD thesis ‘A double-edged sword: The effects of politicization on the authority of the UN Universal Periodic Review and Treaty Bodies’ in 2017. She is now an Assistant Professor at Groningen University. Read more…



Dr. Hortense Jongen researched the area of anti-corruption peer reviews. She defended her PhD ‘Combating corruption the soft way: The authority of peer reviews in the global fight against graft’ in 2017. Hortense currently works at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Read more…


Martina Kühner analysed the role of peer reviews and other monitoring tools in the area of sustainable development. She investigated the institutional designs of different global monitoring mechanisms in the field of sustainable development, including the Paris Agreement and the monitoring and review instruments under the High-Level Political Forum. She is currently working as a Programme Officer in the UNFCC secretariat in Bonn.