VISTA: building new and more comprehensive knowledge


1. VISTA website

This website is the first important deliverable of our network. This platform will display information on the research program, the planned events, and the partner institutions with the researchers and staff involved. It will also communicate upcoming, relevant developments with the research and our partners.

2. Teaching packages

For each sector under the umbrella of the VISTA JMN – Energy, Finance, Defence and Digital Single Market – a teaching package will be developed. This will include two video clips touching upon the main theories, concepts and questions of that policy area; one problem task to create a discussion among students; a bibliography; a list of questions and additional resources, e.g., interesting podcasts, websites or documentaries.

3. State-of-the art syllabi: How to teach the single market?

A state-of-the art overview of single market scholarship in European Studies/European Politics curricula.

4. Special issues in academic journals

The VISTA JMN has successively submitted a proposal for a special issue to the Journal of European Integration. This special issue will be published in 2022 and will focus on the current challenges to the European Single Market. Do we witness today dynamics leading to renationalization, reconfiguration or can we talk about renewed integration?

5. Policy papers

VISTA Policy Papers will be managed and published by the two think tank partners: CEPS and IAI. This will ensure that the findings of the project remain not only within the academic debate, but that these also inform the policy-making process in the future. 

Annual conference

The scholars of the network have and will exchange best practices during the research & teaching workshops and the annual conferences.