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2023 VISTA Annual Conference

On the 16th and 17th of January the Brussels Campus of Maastricht University hosted scholars and students from the VISTA Network. The goal of the conference was to discuss the progress made on the Second Special Issue on the Geo-economic turn of the Single Market.

During the conference teachers and students discsussend together the methods used for teaching the Single Market. They also exchanged ideas about the use of technology in the learning process.


VISTA at the Conference for European Studies (CES)

The VISTA research team was very excited to share the findings of the first JMN VISTA special issue during a well-attended conference panel titled ‘The European Single Market at 30: New Frontiers of Integration’ at the Conference for European Studies held in Lisbon 29 June – 1 July 2022.

Chairs: Aneta Spendzharova – Maastricht University and Ringa Raudla – Tallinn University of Technology


Challenges to the European Single Market: Renationalization, Resilience, or Renewed Integration?
Aneta Spendzharova – Maastricht University
Ringa Raudla – Tallinn University of Technology

Supranational Authorities and Private Actors as Drivers of Single Market Integration in Electricity and Banking
Sandra Gerda Eckert – Aarhus Institute of Advanced Studies

Digital Single Market and the EU Competition Regime: An Explanation of Policy Change
Michelle Cini – University of Bristol
Patryk Czulno – University of Bristol

Investing in the Single Market? Core-Periphery Dynamics and the Hybrid Governance of Supranational Investment Policies
Daniel Mertens – University of Osnabrück
Matthias Thiemann – Sciences Po, Paris


Teaching workshop

On the 20th May 2021, a teaching workshop will take place organized and will involve all the partner universities of the network. The goal of the workshop is to exchange best practices in the teaching of the integration of the EU single market.

The scholars and experts of the VISTA network, organized in teams based on their policy area of expertise, will present the teaching packages they are working on as part of the deliverables of this project.

Research workshop

On the 11th March 2021, the scholars and experts involved in the VISTA Jean Monnet Network met online for a research workshop.

During the entire day, each member of the network had the chance to present their ongoing research. The panels, organized around the main policy areas covered by the network, allowed the scholars to receive valuable feedback from their colleagues.

These papers will then merge into the special issue which will be published in 2022, part of the deliverables of this project.

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