Revitalising the Study of EU Single Market Integration

in a Turbulent Age

Significant shifts in the EU’s internal and external economic and (geo)political environment call for a more systematic investigation of whether, and how, the EU single market is able to respond to these challenges. The VISTA Network establishes itself with this purpose, bringing together an inter-disciplinary team of scholars, early-career researchers and policy experts to examine and compare four key thematic areas at the forefront of the single market integration: financial market, digital market, energy market and defence market.

Ongoing research

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VISTA objectives


Examine not only the internal dynamics of EU single market integration but also their external implications for the EU’s neighbouring countries and other key global actors, such as the US, Russia and China.


Bring together different specialized research communities. The single market and its complex and technical nature will be analysed by highly specialized expert communities, among whom dialogue will be created and supported. This will lead to a more comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of the single market.


Make the single market accessible to a broader audience – especially BA and MA students. Teaching this highly important yet very technical area of European Integration remains a challenge in the general European Studies curriculum.

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