Policy Papers

The VISTA Policy Papers are prepared in cooperation with the two think tank partners: CEPS and IAI. This will ensure that the findings of the project remain not only within the academic debate, but that these also inform the policy-making process in the future.

Policy Paper 01/2022: 

The EU Single Market at 30: The Commission (still) at the Vanguard of Single Market Integration
By Ringa Raudla and Aneta Spendzharova  

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Policy Paper 02/2022:

The Origins of the Digital Markets Act: Explaining Policy Change
By Michelle Cini and Patryk Czulno

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Policy Paper 03/2022:

Reconciling EU Energy Security with Climate Policies: Rethinking European Gas Markets
By Pier Paolo Raimondi and Margherita Bianchi

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Policy Paper 04/2022:

Naval Defence Cooperation in the EU: Potential and Hurdles
By Elio Calcagno, Ana E. Juncos and Sophie Vanhoonacker

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Policy Paper 05/2023

Regulatory Sandboxes for the (Single) Market in Financial Services: A Need for a More Coordinated Approach?
By Egert Juuse and Ringa Raudla

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Policy Paper 06/2023

After 40 years, the single market isn’t ‘fragile’ or ‘broken’ – but more definitely needs to be done
By Jacques Pelkmans

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Policy Paper 07/2023

Contemporary Cooperation between the EU and Ukraine: On the Road to EU Membership
By Roman Petrov and Oksana Holovko-Havrysheva

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Policy Paper 08/2023

Resilience in the EU’s Market Integration and Regulatory Approximation with the Eastern Partnership Countries: The Case of Ukraine
By Roman Petrov and Oksana Holovko-Havrysheva

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