Research project

The network will start its research activities by gathering information about new integration efforts in four key thematic areas at the forefront of single market integration: single financial market, digital single market, single energy market and defence single market.

Internally, the single market project has experienced increased political contestation in recent years. Internationally, the economic as well as political principles of liberalism are under attack. Both dynamics challenge to the very foundation of the single market project.

Our research and teaching workshops have allowed the scholars and experts involved to exchange feedback on their ongoing research and best practices for the teaching of single market integration.

Research activities

The VISTA Jean Monnet Network has in its planning the following research workshops:

  • Workshop (1): Regulatory Pitfalls and Promises of Single Market Integration.

What are the factors that push for, or constrain, the possibilities for further EU market integration in the four thematic areas?

  • Workshop (2): New Horizons in Single Market Integration: Between internal contestation and external challenges.

Exploring the factors which enable or constrain further single market integration, what are the implications for the overall dynamics of European integration and positioning of the EU in global politics? This workshop will consider both an internal as well as an external dimension, bridging European integration, international political economy and international relations theories.

Fast facts

  • 5 academic communities
  • 2 leading think tanks in Europe
  • four key thematic areas
  • 1140 students (over 3 years) involved in the activities


  • Special issues in an academic journal: the research workshops have as envisioned output one special issue in a leading peer-reviewed international academic journal.
  • VISTA Policy Papers
  • Teaching packages